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Visa upon arrival is a way of getting a valid visa to Vietnam, in which the applicants will need to get a visa approval letter online beforehand and pick up full visa at Vietnam international airport upon arrival.

Type: Tourist Visa 

Value: 15 days - 3 month entry*

*Applied for regular nationalities


If you are looking to have a vacation in Vietnam, you need to be aware of the regulations regarding The Entry. In common with many other countries, Vietnam has a visa system in place, so that the authorities have had sight of a traveller’s details before they enter the country. A Vietnam visa can be obtained directly from an embassy or consulate outside the country, or by using the Vietnam visa on arrival system which involves obtaining a Letter of Approval for presentation to Immigration on arrival at the airport/ border gate. 

  • Vietnam visa regulations:  vary from nationality to nationality. Similarly, some of those regulations currently apply to a limited time period, though they can be, and are, extended. It is important to check the current legislation when you plan a holiday in Vietnam. It is yet another good reason to use a well-respected Vietnam travel agency to make all your arrangements because it will be aware of the precise requirements of each of its clients.
  • Personal Application to an Embassy or Consulate: If you need a visa to Vietnam, you can make a direct application to an Embassy or Consulate, obviously outside the country. You need to be aware that you will have to surrender your passport until the visa is issued, and that may be for anything up to 10 working days. If for example, you are already travelling away from home, that may not be possible or convenient.
  • Vietnam Visa on Arrival:  In most cases, it is far better to use a service such as Vietnam visa provider can offer. In this case, after completing an application form and paying a small fee, your details will be forwarded to the Vietnam Immigration Department for approval. That is unlikely to take longer than 3 working days with a Vietnam Approval Letter forwarded both directly to the traveller but also to the Immigration Section at the intended airport of arrival. It should be noted that this system is only available for travellers who fly into Vietnam; currently that means Hanoi, Da Nang or Ho Chi Minh City which are the three popular airports of entry anyway.
  • Visa online system: There is no doubt that this Vietnam visa online system is both the easiest and most convenient way to get entry into Vietnam approved. The fact that it applies only to flying into the country is something to bear in mind when planning a trip which may involve more than just Vietnam. Vietnam tour packages are available that include its neighbours but they are organised in such a way that obtaining a cheap Vietnam visa does not pose a problem.
  • Summary: Vietnam is fully committed to welcoming visitors to the country; the revenue generated now makes a great contribution to the national economy. While there is a visa system in place, it is not designed to hinder entry for legitimate tourists and businessmen wanting to visit. The service provided by Vietnam visa provider makes everything easy and trouble-free. 


I-Visa upon arrival: is the best alternative method for people around the world to get visa to Vietnam. Instead of following the tedious procedures for getting visa at Vietnam Embassy, you only need to fill out a Vietnam online application form and then pay for visa service fee.

At that time, you can not request your visa directly at the Vietnam Immigration Departure (VID). However, you can get a Vietnam visa on arrival approval from the VID with sponsorship from a government-registed firm. That’s why we will assist you with all processes with Immigration Department and make sure the visa approval letter will be sent to you after 3 working days (except weekend).

Futher more, the Vietnam Visa Invitation Letter can be shown on your smartphone and be printed out when you come to the Vietnam visa on arrival counter at Vietnam Airports.                                                                                   

II-How To Get Vietnam Visa On Arrival Fast & Easy

1. Submit Application (Just take few minutes to fill out the form online with minimum required information):

  • Full name – The same as in passport:
  • Date of birth:
  • Nationality:
  • Passport number:
  • Date of arrival:
  • Type of Visa:
  • Passport Expired:
  • Availability of Visa: 15 days to 3 month; Single to Multi Entry or More 

 2. Get Approval Letter Via Email:

After 3 working days, you will get visa approval letter via email (- applied for regular countries; attached with Vietnamese visa application form)

(It takes us about 3 working days to get your result - in normal service, excludes weekend, Vietnamese and International holiday)

3. The 3rd step to get stamping for entering Vietnam at the airport with an official Visa:

  • Print out the letter and the form,
  • Fill out the Vietnamese visa application form,
  • Prepare 2 passport-sized photos 4x6cm and cash for stamping fee (25 $ for single entry; 50 $ for multi entry),
  • Put all above mentioned things along with your passport in a package,
  • Then show them to Immigration officer at Vietnam arrival airports.

4. Ready For Stamped Visa Upon Arrival - Travel worry-free

Upon landing, head to the Landing Visa Counter (VOA - Visa on arrival), present the following:

  • Your passport, Visa approval letter
  • 2 Passport-sized photos  (4x6cm)
  • Vietnamese visa application form
  • Stamping fee to the Immigration Officer to get Visa stamped onto your passport.
  • Welcome to Vietnam 

Type of Visa

 Service fee

(Invitation visa letter fee)

Stamping fee
(must be paid for Government at the airport or border gate)

1 Month Single

8 USD/pax

25 USD/pax

1 Month Multiple

15 USD/pax

50 USD/pax

3 Months Single

25 USD/pax

25 USD/pax

3 Months Multiple

35 USD/pax

50 USD/pax

6 Months Multiple

75 USD/pax

95 USD/pax

1 Year Multiple

135 USD/pax

135 USD/pax


  • Currently, Vietnam has signed a visa exemption agreement with 77 countries, of which 74 countries has determined the effective date agreement; other 3 countries have no effective date yet
  • And citizens of some other countries, entry into Vietnamese territory will be restricted or made more strictly than usual
  • Please contact us for further information if you have any question of your passport holders ability for Vietnam Entry 


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