Viet Hai Ancient Village - Lan Ha Bay

Viet Hai Ancient Fishing Village is in the middle of Cat Ba National Park on Cat Ba Island. It is surrounded by mountains and a dense jungle forest.
Unlike other fishing villages in Vietnam, which mostly live on floating communities or seashore villages, Viet Hai fishing village is isolated in a small area of jungle, where the fisherman's villager here lives a peaceful life devoid of crime, houses are never locked, and motorcycles are parked along the main road with the keys. This makes Viet Hai Village special compared to other Halong Bay fishing villages, which are almost on floating houses in the bay. 

There are two ways to visit the village: a day-long, 9-kilometer trek through Cat Ba National Park or a 45-minute boat trip to the Viet Hai Boat Station, followed by a 6-kilometer bicycle (or electric car) ride to the village gate..

Viet Hai Ancient Village
Take a short trekking to village 

Explore the village, peaking inside the local houses made from the simplest of materials, and listen to the sound of children in the small school classroom. Meet and chat with the extremely friendly, local villagers, and learn about their ancient traditions. Experience a little of the fishing village culture and local way of life, learning how to make and cast fishing nets or plowing fields alongside a buffalo.

The village is devoid of crime, houses are never locked, and motorcycles are parked along with the keys. Take time to relax and soak up the atmosphere and enjoy an authentic village-style lunch prepared by the villagers in the small restaurants built on stilts or bobbing about in the bay

Viet Hai Ancient Village
Bike through the tunnel

The bicycle ride takes you along a romantic, adventurous trail, along steep cliffs, deep gorges, through tunnels, thick forests, jungles, vast rice fields, and the incredibly gorgeous scenery of Cat Ba National Park, and on to the village

Viet Hai Ancient Village
Romantic road along the forest

Viet Hai Ancient Village
Along the main way to the village

Viet Hai Ancient Village
First view of the village

Viet Hai Ancient Village
Traditional houses in the village 

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