Halong Bay, Vietnam | The five most beautiful caves on Halong Bay

Halong Bay, a UNESCO World Heritage Site in Vietnam's Quang Ninh Province, is known for its 1,600 islands and islets, beautiful beaches, and numerous unique and beautiful caves. It's a great place to take a Halong Bay Tour on the bay, relax on the sundeck, and enjoy the wonderful atmosphere at night on a Halong Bay - Lan Ha Bay luxury cruise

And deciding which caves to visit may be difficult. We reveal five famous and magnificent Halong Bay caves and grottoes worth visiting at least once in Vietnam to help you decide which one to visit.

1. Surprise Cave (Hang Sung Sot) Halong Bay’s Largest Cave

Sung Sot Cave, located on Bo Hon Island, is the largest and one of the most beautiful caves in Halong Bay. It is where many rocky islands are concentrated in various, strange, and distinct shapes.

The first thing you may notice when entering the cave is that it is quite small. However, after passing through the rocky slot and entering, you will be surprised. The area is vast, spanning approximately 10,000 square meters in width. Many tourists are taken aback by its majestic beauty and vast expanse. Perhaps this is why it is known as "Sung Sot Cave" or "Surprise Cave."

The cave is divided into two sections. The first gives the impression of entering an underground theater with stalactites and stalagmites covering the ceiling. The second is in a different location. Its ceiling is covered in stalactites and stalagmites that resemble a silky "velvet carpet" with a plethora of gleaming chandeliers. To visit this cave, you can take a trip with the luxury Ambassador Cruise on a 2 day 1 night tour

2. Heavenly Palace (Or Thien Cung Cave) – the Gift of Nature to Halong Bay

Located just 4 km from the harbor, Thien Cung is the most interesting and legend-filled cave which is considered as a unique winding pathway through the "Heavenly Palace".

Visitors must climb 90 rocky steps to the cave's mouth, which is 27 meters above sea level. The cave is famous for its intricate interior structure, high ceilings, and numerous doors. The cave has three large chambers, each with impressive displays of stalactites and stalagmites. They come in a variety of sizes and shapes, including fish, birds, and celestial maidens.

Thien Cung Cave is also famous for a legend about an ancient Dragon King. Instead of receiving an award, he defeated invaders and returned to his cave. May is the name of the Dragon Prince's wife. Their wedding was held in the cave, and many dragons, giant eagles, and massive pythons attended. This scene is engraved on the cave's walls and stones as you walk around it.This Heavenly Palace Cave is the best choice for a Halong Bay day cruise.

3. Dark and Bright Cave (Sang Toi Cave) – the Magical Cave made by Mother Nature

The Dark and Bright Cave, located near the border of Lan Ha Bay and about 1 km from the Surprise Cave, is only accessible by rowboat or kayak. As a result, this cave is less popular than the other beautiful places in Halong Bay.

It is equally beautiful as the other caves in Halong Bay, and the ecosystem contains a diverse range of animals and plants. Many fig trees and orchids can be seen right from the entrance, and the other, bigger one is behind the entrance. There are also different types of organisms in the lagoon, such as crabs, shrimp, and corals. The cave is divided into two sections, as its names indicate: the Dark Cave and the Bright Cave. The Dark Cave is vast and dark with little light, giving it a mysterious beauty. In contrast, the sunlight shines through the Bright Cave from the entrance to the end, making it one of the best caves in Halong Bay.
There are numerous interesting things to do in the Dark and Bright Cave. You can swim and snorkel to discover the marine life or go kayaking to explore the beauty of the scenery. For those who enjoy kayaking and exploring nature, the Bright Cave leads to a valley surrounded by spectacular mountain ranges. Many Lan Ha Bay Luxury Cruises take their clients here to avoid the busy main zone of Halong Bay. 

4. Luon Cave (Luon Lagoon Or Hang Luon) – the Paradise of Magnificent Nature Landscapes

Luon Cave is a good destination for a Halong Bay wandering tour, located 14 kilometers south of Bai Chay beach and only one kilometers from Sung Sot Cave.

Turtle Island and the Heavenly Gates are located in front of the cave, where you can admire the steep seas and clear water. The blue waters become calmer and more peaceful as you cross the turtle island. It's the location of Luon Cave. It resembles a circular iron bow with a blue lake in the center. The lake is surrounded by craggy cliffs, lovely blooming orchids, shady ancient trees, and lush vegetation. Under the calm blue water is a colorful world of various marine species such as shrimp, crab, squid, and so on.

Luon Cave draws visitors primarily because of its magnificent stalactites. When you step onto this, you may find yourself lost in a paradise of sparkling and eye-catching stalactites. However, cruise ships are not permitted to enter the cave and must instead anchor near the gate. As a result, you can explore the cave by bamboo boat or kayak. During your research of Luon Cave, the natural scenery will make the most appealing impression on tourists. It's a beautiful blend of water colors, plants, mountainous contours, paradise, and earth. The area is well worth a full day of exploration. Many overnight cruises, including the Golden Cruise Halong, visit Luon Cave. 

5. Trinh Nu Grotto (Virgin Cave Or Trinh Nu Cave) – the Symbol of Love

Trinh Nu Grotto is about 15 kilometers from Bai Chay Beach on the island of Bo Hon. While it is home to some fishermen, it is also regarded as a symbol of true love and a romantic location for young couples to embark on their love journey.

According to legend, there was once a lovely fisherman's daughter. Her family is so poor that she works for the rich administrator of the fishing zone. The family was forced to give him the girl as a concubine by the administrator. However, the daughter declined because she already had a boyfriend. He exiled her to a wild island, where she suffered from hunger and exhaustion while waiting for her lover, eventually dying and turning to stone. When visiting the cave today, you can still see the statue of a girl lying on her back with long hair and her eyes fixed on the mainland.

Trinh Nu Grotto is divided into three chambers: one that resembles a house with a flat roof, another that is 8 meters long and 5 meters wide, and a third that is connected by a narrow window. Inside the grotto, stalagmites and stalactites of various shapes and sizes form beautiful carvings on the walls.

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