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Bus Hanoi - Luang Phrabang




$ 47 pp

Hanoi to Luang Phrabang Bus Information: Hanoi - Vientiane// Luang Phrabang// Vang Vieng Or Vice Versa (~ 750 km)

Luang Phrabang is one of  the most beautiful land and interesting cultural features in the North of Laos where you shouldn’t miss while travelling in Southeast Asia. That is also a reason why many travellers would continue their trip after Vietnam tour Luang Phrabang, Laos. Travelling to Luang Phrabang now becomes more easy with flights options. Othewise, clients also can choose taking an overnight bus Hanoi - Luang Prabang to save time and money for further travelling 

Departure: Every 6 hours/bus

Tour type: Sharing coach

Special tips:

  • Daily local bus service bysleeping coach
  • 01 bottle of water, free wifi on bus
  • Complimetary transfer from your hotel to bus 
  • Customer care 24/24


From Hanoi City 

Border Gate Name

Estimate Arrival Time 

Price (US$)


16:00 –16:30

04:00 AM at Cau Treo



Savanakhet *



ThaKhet *



Xieng Khoang

16:00 –16:30

 04:00 AM at Nam Can



Vang Vieng **



Luang Prabang

16:00 –16:30




05:00AM at Tay Trang






Muang Khoua

11:00 AM



11:00 AM


Nong Khieu



Luang NamTha

11:00 AM


Transport guide from Hanoi to Luang Phrabang (Laos):

  • Our transfer (motorbike/car) will pick you up at your place in Hanoi Old Quarter, take you with your belongings to the bus office or bus station 01 hour before the departure time
  • At Hanoi bus office/ bus station, show your ticket to get on bus and be ready for leaving to Laos (Vientiane// Luang Phrabang// Vang Vieng)
  • Arrive in Laos (bus station/ bus office/ stop point) depends on your departure time and your expected stop.Then, please let us know exactly your next spot to advice you the best drop off place
  • We all pick up at your place (with limited area) and drop you off at the town central or convenient place where ensure you can easy to take a walk or to get a taxi/ motobiker (xe om) to your place
  • Duration of transfer from  20 - 24 hours/ way depends on the bus route, traffic jam, weather conditions ….of that day

Special tips:

  • No reservation fee
  • E-ticket is always available
  • 24/24 customer care service 
  • English Speaking Supporter (on some buses)
  • Free pick up from your hotel (limited  areas) to bus for any bus reservation
  • You can book your space 1-3 days in advance for popular or rare buses destination
  • Free luggage storage at our homestay or you can take all your belongings on bus with free of charge 

Children policy:

  • Childrn under 4 years:  Free of charge (shared seat/ bed with parents)
  • Children from 5 upward will be charged as adult with full accommodated seat/bed

What to know?

  • You should always carry valuable items with you such as passport, money, credit cards, jewelry...Just incase, your bags are picked up by others by chance or purpose.
  • Remember bus register number (Ex for Hanoi: 30A -123.45) is always necessary. Especially, when taking a break in a big stopover, forget or lost something on bus... This will help  to check it out easier 
  • Before leaving the bus, please remind to double check your belongings. Due anyway, to let it back to you on your long vacation, it will be difficult and unhappy time
  • This Vietnam - Laos sleeping local bus has A/C, free wifi on bus (but the signal is weak ).
  • The bus ticket fees will exclude visa fees or other personal costs
  • There are 2 routes to Luang Prabang, via Hanoi - Tay Trang Border Gate - Luang Prabang; or Hanoi - Nam Can Border Gate - Luang Phrabang, if you entered Vietnam by E-Visa
  • If you go to Savanakhet or Thakhet, you will go with our bus Hanoi - Vientiane. Until, our bus arrives at acrossroads of Nam Thong, we will transfer you to our other buses to move to Savanakhet or Thakhet.
  • If you go to Vang Vieng, you will go with our bus Hanoi - Luang Prabang through Nam Can Border then stop at acrossroads of Phucun, we will transfer you to our other bus to move to Vang Vieng
  • There are many border gates in Vietnam to entry to Laos, but for buses from Hanoi to Laos, we only get 3 main border gates such as:

+Tay Trang Border Gate which is located in the North West of Vietnam - Dien Bien Phu Province - please take a note that this border gate is for the bus to Muang Khoua / Nong Khieu / Luang Prabang / Vang Vieng in Laos. 
+Nam Can Border Gate which is located in the Center of Vietnam - Nghe An Province - Please be noted that this border gate is for the buses to Xieng Khoang/Luang Prabang in Laos. With any traveler has Vietnam E-Visa, must go to Luang Prabang by bus through this border gate.
+Cau Treo Border Gate which is located in the Center of Vietnam - Ha Tinh province, for the bus to ThaKhet/ Phonsavan/Vientiane in Laos.
+However, for going to ThaKhet, you will get the same bus Hanoi to Vientiane, arrive in the crossroads of Nam Thong, you will be transfered to other local bus to move to ThaKhet. (In this case, our bus staff will support you in order to change the second bus at Nam Thong).

Where to visit in Laos? 

  • Visit many spiritual pagodas in Luang Phrabang Buddhist Land 
  • Take a boat trip and visit Pak Ou Beautiful Cave 
  • Visiting  Khuang Si Waterfall,  Is one of the most famous destination in Laos

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⇒ To get the bus from Hanoi to Halong, please contact us at info@azotour.com or Fanpage: AZOTOUR.Vietnam


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