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This Sapa historic church, built in the 20th century by French conquerors, is located in the heart of Sapa. The Sapa Stone Church has been restored more than five times as a result of natural calamities. This church, built in a French-inspired style, is the sole edifice in Sapa that still reflects the grace and soul of Catholic design. 

The most noticeable feature of the Sapa Stone Church is its magnificent cross-shaped bell tower, which faces west toward the location of Christ's birth. The stones in the Sapa Church are held together by a peculiar mortar made of sand, molasses, and lime.

Sapa Stone Church

The Sapa stone church, also known as the Holy Mary Church, is located in the heart of Sapa town and was built by the French in the early twentieth century. Before starting to build this structure, the French architect carefully selected the surrounding terrain. 

The cross inspired the church's shape and architecture. The roof, bell tower, and other parts of the church's architecture came together to make it so beautiful. 
The entire church is composed of stone (walls, flooring, bell towers, etc.) and is joined by a sand, lime, and molasses mixture.

Sapa Stone Church

Sapa church has plenty of space for event arrangements, with a total size of roughly 6000 m2. The Sapa cathedral is always a place where cultural events from the North West and Vietnam's ethnic minorities take place. 

Because it was built so early in history, the Sapa Church has seen a lot of important events, and the Sapa Stone Church has also been restored more than five times as a result of natural calamities.

Nowadays, in front of the church is a big community area where locals come every weekend to play their instruments, talk, and hang out together. On the Saturdays, locals normally organize unique cultural performances by using the flute, trumpet leaves, and the "xe" dance. They put on a brilliant and fascinating show in northwest Vietnam. 
The Stone Church is also one of the most attractive places for travellers who come to Sapa 

Sapa Stone Church

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