Ha Long Bay | Heaven Palace Cave On Dau Go Island

Heavenly Palace Cave (Thien Cung Cave) is just 4 km from Ha Long City, in the southwest corner of Ha Long Bay, north of Dau Go Island. It was discovered by chance by fishermen fleeing a storm in 1993.
It is considered the most beautiful cave in Ha Long Bay and is also the longest dry cave in Asia. And because of this convenient location, which is not far from the boat station, it is an ideal place for Halong Bay day cruise tour from tourist wharf, which you can easily find out on the AZOTOUR Vietnam website.

This Heavenly Palace Cave (Thien Cung Cave) is also located on Dau Go Island, which combines two of Halong Bay's most prominent tourist attractions: Dau Go Island and this Cave of Heavenly Palace. Dau Go Cave is named after its shape, which looks like a wooden stake, as are many other cave and islet names in Halong Bay.

Locals say the cave's name is linked to Supreme Commander Tran Hung Dao's 13th-century victory over the Mongol invading force. Wooden stakes were transferred to the Bach Dang River in order to set up a trap to destroy the enemy's ships. At high tide, wooden pegs were hidden here so the Mongols wouldn't see them and get stuck when the tide was out. As a result, the cave has garnered the name Dau Go Cave.

Heaven Palace Cave On Dau Go Island
View from cave's entrance

To reach the entrance involves a climb up some rocky stairs, through the jungle overgrowth

Heaven Palace Cave On Dau Go Island

Once inside the cave, you enter an ethereal world, where you can wander the winding tunnels of the Dragon King’s realm yourself

Heaven Palace Cave On Dau Go Island

The sprawling 10,000 sqm natural grotto is filled with amazing naturally formed stalactites and stalagmites with shapes that resemble (with some imagination) flowers, birds, animals, fish and even dancing maids. Inside, are four immense pillars that appear to hold up the cavern ceiling or roof of the ‘Heavenly Palace’, bubbling streams and small ponds. Along the walls, there are clusters of stalactites hanging down like stone curtains. In the background, the wind whistles through the formations, creating the sound of a distant drum.

This unique cave is spectacularly lit with rays of sunlight streaming down into the cavern and hidden colored lighting, giving it a mystical, otherworldly glow, that shows off the incredible interior and its amazing rock formations at their best and a sight that will take your breath away

Heaven Palace Cave On Dau Go Island

Leaving the cave, you are met with the most incredible and spectacular panoramic view of the whole of Ha Long Bay.

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