Dark & Bright Cave - Lan Ha Bay

Dark & Bright Cave, located near Cat Ba Island, in Lan Ha Bay is one of the most incredibly beautiful caves in Lan Ha Bay - Ha Long Bay UNESCO World Heritage Site. The cave features two caverns, one is pitch black and you need a torch to navigate and the other is filled with natural light, hence the name. Dark and Bright Cave is nestled in a peaceful lagoon with tranquil water and stunning landscape, making it ideal for an overnight cruise tour on Halong Bay.

To explore the cave, you can either join others in a local sampan, a bamboo rowing boat driven by a villager handling the oars, or paddle yourself in a kayak, which is provided by every Halong Bay boat trip. As you enter the Dark Cave, which is a 315m long tunnel, the light quickly fades and without a headlamp, it is impossible to see. Inside, the cave is filled with thousands of stalactites and stalagmites that glisten under the light of the torches. The temperature is 2-3 degrees higher than outside, due to the small hot spring in the middle of the cave. You can also visit Cua Van Village, which is one of Halong's five most famous fishing villages, from here. 

Dark & Bright Cave

The Light Cave has a 4m wide arched entrance and is approx. 100m long and leads to a gorgeous sunlit, tranquil lagoon, surrounded on all sides, by enormous, rocky, limestone karst cliffs.

The cliffs are covered in an abundant, natural habitat of green vegetation, orchids, and ‘weeping’ fig trees. The clear waters of the lake support a variety of sea life with shrimp, fish, crab, and cuttlefish

Dark & Bright Cave

The caves and surrounding seascape offer one of the best places for swimming and kayaking. The scenery is nothing short of spectacular and one of the ‘must-see’ places for those wanting a simply amazing and unforgettable experience

Dark & Bright Cave

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The best Lan Ha Bay Cruises that visit Dark & Light Cave include: Heritage Binh Chuan Cruise, Indochine Cruise; Sealife Legend Cruise; Le Theatre Cruise Ha Long Bay

Dark & Bright Cave

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