Tung Sau Pearl Farm - Ha Long Bay

Tung Sau Pearl Farm is the only pearl farm in Ha Long Bay, founded originally, in 1995 by a Japanese company. The farm is located in an isolated bay, surrounded by beautiful limestone islands and covers an area of 30 hectares and has over 3,000 cages for growing cultured saltwater pearls

The cultured pearl techniques used are a blend of Vietnamese traditional, secret growing methods, and Japanese technology

Guests can witness the entire painstaking process, from how they feed and grow the oysters in underwater cages to harvesting the precious seawater pearls, extracting, polishing, and transforming them into jewelry. In the processing room, you can see how the workers open and insert a tiny graft that will eventually grow into a Mother of Pearl. Then, watch the amazing skill of the artisan craftsmen as they take the original raw pearls and using traditional techniques and tools, transform them into perfect and extremely valuable pearls

The Tung Sau Pearl Farm also includes an interesting presentation of the different kinds of pearls, such as Akoya pearls, Tahiti pearls, and South Sea pearls. Also, it explains the differences between each type, how long it takes to harvest, and the price differences.

Afterward, step onto a floating platform next to the pearl farm for a once-in-a-lifetime experience of dining right in the bay, savoring traditional style Vietnamese cuisine, surrounded by the soaring limestone karst islands and islets.

For the more affluent traveler, a wide range of handcrafted pearl jewelry is available to purchase, including pendants and earrings.

Tung Sau Pearl Farm attracts many mid to high-end tourists who join the 3-day Ha Long Bay cruises, including: Paradise Cruise Ha Long Bay; Dragon Legend Cruise Bai Tu Long Bay; Bhaya Cruises, Au Cruises, and Legend Halong Cruises.

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