Three Peach Beach - Lan Ha Bay


Three Peaches Beach (Ba Trai Dao Beach) is a group of three small 23m high limestone hills that are shaped like three peaches protruding out of the emerald sea. Located in Lan Ha Bay, 22km to the southeast of Cat Ba Island. Protected from rough seas and winds by the surrounding mountains, it is the perfect location for all types of water activities

As with most places in Ha Long Bay, Lan Ha Bay, the islet has its own ‘legend’ of a fairy that stole 3 peaches to give to a poor fisherman who she fell in love with. When the theft was uncovered the Fairy King turned the peaches into the stone islands.

The main feature of the islet is Three Peaches Beach (Ba Trai Dao Beach), a spectacular crescent-shaped pristine beach of pure white sand, that wraps around the islet. Due to the tide, most of the time the beach is submerged beneath the ocean, but for 2–3 hours a day when the tide recedes, the beach magically appears. The combination of the surrounding peaks, cloaked in rich vegetation and vivid flowers, the idyllic beach, and transparent waters, all add up to the unprecedented stunning beauty of the island and the Lan Ha Bay seascape

The sea around the beach is quite shallow which makes it perfect for splashing about, playing, or swimming and the blissful, crystal-clear waters make swimming, snorkeling, and kayaking an absolute dream. Have a picnic, sunbathe, or enjoy pure relaxation on a paradise island beach


Lan Ha Bay is a new hot trend destination for client who is passionate to the beach with water activities and Three Peaches Beach is one of the most wanted place to go

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